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Joyful Reviews of Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine in Oct 2018

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HENAN LOFTY MACHINERY CO.,LTD built in May, 2012, is specialized machinery trader and manufacturer with independent import & export rightis, is a joint-stock enterprise with research and development, production, sales together. The commercial vegetable washing machine we produced is widely used in factory, hotel, restaurant etc. With high quality food-grade material with longer service life. And this is very popular among the market for low consumption.


All new visitors to our company online are amazed with the most impressive features of our commercial vegetable washing machine and become our clients, they also leave satisfied reviews to us. We would like to share some with you.


1. Name: Omit D****

Date: 2018-10-21

Review: The bowl is bigger and that means I can clean more produce at once. I appreciate that time saver. Also, I had to say it is more convenient. Lastly, it's much quieter than my old one.Thanks.



2.Name: Alice W****

Date: 2018-10-20

Review: The quality of customer service seems to go up better each year. I have used the product for a few weeks and I'm really optimistic. Here's what I like, it is a wonderful and totally trust-in product.



3.Name: Bob J****

Date: 2018-10-19

Review: This unit comes with a timer. I printed a chart from the company's website that gives suggested cleaning times for some fruits and vegetables. I hope it's accurate! And yes, it is very accurate. Good quality!



4.Name: Jeff F****

Date: 2018-10-18

Review: I would say that the vegetable washing machine appears to be a sturdier product than the others’. My guess is it will last much longer than any of my past machines. I hope it will work for me for a long time.



5.Name: Mary D****

Date: 2018-10-17

Review: The website published a lot of that type of information when they introduced their technical information and it helped me feel confident in buying their product. I feel like and trust in it very much.



6.Name: Dora V****

Date: 2018-10-16

Review: This vegetable washing machine was the best I came up with, but I'm not thrilled. I am hoping it's better than just rinsing my produce under the faucet.



7.Name: Mike L*****

Date: 2018-10-15

Review: I love this more than the last machine (the original advertised years ago in Time magazine. My impression is this one is stronger, and holds more veggies. We use it several times a week without a glitch.


If you are also interested in our vegetable washing machine, please feel free to contact with us at

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