Pizza Pancake Dough Press Machine

Pizza Pancake Dough Press Machine

Aotomatic Pizza Pancake Dough Press Machine

♦ Greatly saving manpower, high output, up to 400-500pcs per hour.

♦ Can press different thickness of cake, widely used. 

♦  Automatic temperature control system and time system.

♦ Beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, compact structure.

♦ Simple operation, long life, energy saving and environmental protection.


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The pizza dough press machine is mainly used to press pancake,roast duck cake, egg cake and other kinds of cake. Heating temperature and time is set according to requirement, could complete pressing and heating work within setting time. Depends on requirements of processing technology, the mold can be replaced to press pastry of different thickness and shape. Parts contact to food are made of stainless steel or corrosion resistant materials, fully in line with food hygiene requirements. Finished product thickness is uniform, high efficiency, good quality.


*Welcome factory visiting and sample testing.
*Make appropriate design as per special requirements
*Finsh production on time.
*Ensure products quality.
*Guarantee time for one year.
*Install and train operators on-site.

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