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Onion Garlic Apple Crush Juice Making Extractor Machine

※ SS304 food grade.

※ Automatic separation of water slag, one-button start.

※ With crushing function, no need cutting.

※ High juice yield and pressing force

※ Juice extraction, dehydration, filter and squeeze, one machine for multiple purposes.


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Commercial Eggbeater Egg Breaking Machine

※ 304 stainless steel produced, anti-corrosion and alkali resistant, strong performance.

※ Simple to operate, easy to maintain.

※ High production efficiency, greatly reduces labor intensity, and reduces labor costs. 

※ Fine workmanship, easy cleaning and high equipment output.


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Fish Scale Remover

※ Made of 304 stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards.

※ It can kill fish continuously, when the whole fish is out of descaling device, thesubsequent fish can befeed, so as to improve efficiency of killing fish.

※ The fish scales are removed cleanly without hurting fish skinand fins, ensuring appearance of the fish is complete. The opening is accurate,internal organs are removed cleanly without destroying fish gallbladder. Automatic water inlet spray, with fish scale waste water separation tank. This machine is equipped with moving wheels for easy movement.


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Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Machine

※ Direct plug-in use, 220V household electricity is convenient and fast.

※ High peeling rate, labor saving, stable peeling rate.

※ High efficiency, 600-800 pieces per hour.

※ Imitation of manual peeling, to achieve effect of manual peeling.

※ When peeling, it cancutting and core remove, which is more efficient and saves manpower.


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SXP1 Pineapple Peeling Machine

※ Small size, low energy consumption, easy operation and shorter peeling process.

※ Whole machine is made by stainless steel, anti-rust and durable.

※ Peeling speed is fast, up to 250 pcs/h.

※ Automatic cycle peeling, the peeling rate is >95%.

※ Special design of the peeling blade holder, can make the melon skin directional discharge, which is

convenient for collection and cleaning.

FOBQINGDAO price: USD2600-USD3100/Set

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Commercial Meat Dicer Machine/LOFTY

※ Stainless steel body, special surface treatment, easy to clean and maintain.

※ The thickness adjustment plate is reinforced, which is easy to adjust the processing thickness,does not shake when moving.

※ Meat dicers is equipped with a safety pressure rod design, makes the operation more reliable.

※ Straight-cut cutting reduces debris and loss during processing.

※ One side of the cutting groove adopts an active side pressure mechanism to facilitate feeding and improve work efficiency.


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Dumpling Momo Wrapper Maker Machine

※ Dumpling wrapper machine using the principle of pressing rollers to roll dough,without return dough andmarginal waste after one-time molding.

※ Dumpling skin is thick in the middle,thin on the edge, has the same texture and shapewith hand-rolled skin.

※ Size,appearance, taste and weight of thedumpling produced are uniform, thus completely changing the current phenomenon of low production efficiency, secondary pollution, and middle cracks.

※ Easy to operate,click switch and put dough into theinlet, thendumpling skin can be out.

※ Made of stainless steel material, reasonable structure, maintenance;easy to disassemble and clean. 

※ Small in size, high efficiency, compact structure, novel shape, beautiful,bright and clean.


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Aotomatic Pizza Pancake Dough Press Machine

♦ Greatly saving manpower, high output, up to 400-500pcs per hour.

♦ Can press different thickness of cake, widely used. 

♦  Automatic temperature control system and time system.

♦ Beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, compact structure.

♦ Simple operation, long life, energy saving and environmental protection.


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Commercial Empanada Spring Roll Maker Machine

※ Produce about 4800 pcs dumplings per hour. 

 Filling amount and dough thickness can be adjusted at any time.

※ Saving time and labor.

※ Semi-automatic systerm, low cost of investment.

※ Multi-functional, different shapes of dumplings/triangular dumplings can be made by changing the mold.

FOBQINGDAO price: USD900-1450/Set

Pls contact us for accurate price.

LSH0.5 Ton Vertical Biomass Wood Steam Boiler/Steam Generator

※ Compact structure, small footprint.
※ Integrated design of steam boiler,silo,feeder.

※ Multi-return layout, 93% high thermal efficiency.

※ Wide-range in application,biomass,pellet,wood,firewood etc.

※ Automatic intelligent computer control.

※ No pollution gas emission, real green environmental protection products.

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LOFTY integrates research, development, production and sale together. Main product include:vegetable washing machine, potato peeling machine, vegetable slicer machine, garlic peeling machine, sweet corn sheller machine.


*Welcome factory visiting and sample testing.
*Make appropriate design as per special requirements
*Finsh production on time.
*Ensure products quality.
*Guarantee time for one year.
*Install and train operators on-site.

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