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How Does the Frozen Meat Dicer Work?
How Does the Frozen Meat Dicer Work? Views: 1362    Oct 10 , 2022 Frozen meat dicer uses a servo motor to drive electric push rod during the working process.Servo motor controller is digitally controlled, accurate to the number, moves forward through servo motor. The speed can be set freely digitally, for example, if you want to cut 5mmdiced meat, input"5" on the working screen,input "9" if youwant to cut 9mm diced meat, the stepping speed is stable and accurate. Cube meat dicing machine   adopts advanced... Read More
What is Meat Dicing Machine?
What is Meat Dicing Machine? Views: 2303    Sep 21 , 2022 Meat dicing machine can cut cold, fresh meat and semi-thawed meat into cubes of different sizes and shapes according to customer needs. This dicing machine can also process various shapes, such asstrip, slice andfilament, cutting sizeis adjustable.Sliced meat, shredded meat, diced meat areuniform in size.Minimum size of diced meat is 3mm,maximum size is 80mm. It is the first choice for food processing and cutting. Meat... Read More
How to Use Dumpling Wrapper Making Machine
How to Use Dumpling Wrapper Making Machine Views: 1492    Aug 30 , 2022 Imitation manual automatic dumpling wrapper machine operation steps: 1. Check the power switch and turn on start switch before use. 2. Adjust output speed of dumpling skin (clockwise is fast, counterclockwise is slow). 3. Put the dough into hopper (ratio of flour and water: 500g flour add 200-250g water). 4. Put dry flour into dry flour box. The gap between precision roll and smooth roll of the lumpia wrapper maker machine is related to the thickness of the... Read More
Precautions for Use Dumpling Skin Maker Machine
Precautions for Use Dumpling Skin Maker Machine Views: 577    Aug 17 , 2022 Comply with the following ten points, in order to make better dumpling skin: 1. shell of lumpia wrapper machine must be grounded, do not touch live electrical components; 2. Before starting the machine, adjust speed regulating knob to a low position counterclockwise, adjust clockwise slowly to rise speed,cannot increase speed fastly; 3. Add doughintohopper continuously, do not appear intermittent, otherwise it... Read More
Is There a Machine that Makes Chapati?
Is There a Machine that Makes Chapati? Views: 614    Aug 03 , 2022 Yes,after years of research, our company developed Chapati Making Machine.It can replace manual cake rolling, greatly saving manpower, high output, up to 400-500pcs per hour. Can press different thickness of cake, widely used. Such as roast duck cake, gravy meat roll, single cake, spicy string roll,burritos, lotus leaf cake, egg cake, water baked bun, baked bun, spring roll, thousand layer cake, pancake and so on. The machine adopts automatic... Read More
Questions and Answers for Commercial Empanada Maker Machine
Questions and Answers for Commercial Empanada Maker Machine Views: 862    Mar 16 , 2022 Question 1: How many models of automatic empanada machine do you have? Answer 1:LF-80, LF-180 and LF-200. Question 2: What's the difference of LF-80, LF-180 and LF-200? Answer 2:LF-80 is semi-automatic design, with smaller volume and capacity, 4800 pcs/hour. LF-180 and LF-200 is fully automatic design, capacity is 8000-12000 pcs/hour and10000-15000 pcs/hour.  Question 3: 110V/415V can be accepted?... Read More
Is There a Machine for Dumplings?
Is There a Machine for Dumplings? Views: 816    Mar 04 , 2022 Dumpling is a kind of food whichpeople like to eat, dumplings taste good but it is very troublesome to wrap, so there is a requirement formachine on the market, that is, dumpling making machine. Dumpling machine also known as chinese dumpling maker, electric dumpling maker. Feed the dough and filling into designated inlet, run the machine can produce finished dumplings, production speed is fast, high finished products ratio, save time, widely used in... Read More
Inquiry about Automatic Samosa Dumpling Making Machine
Inquiry about Automatic Samosa Dumpling Making Machine Views: 1313    Mar 04 , 2022 2022-02-03,China is in Spring Festival Holiday.We get inquiry about Automatic Samosa Making Machine from Australia.Beow is the info: Client:  Hi! Erie! Please contact me , regarding purchase and information of Samosa Machine Automatic. Regards . Mr A.Prakash  Sydney Austraila We: Dear Prakash, thank you for message, Erie here. Sorry for late reply, China is in Spring Festival Holiday. Pls let me know more requirement about... Read More
SKQ300 chicken cutter machine export to Spain
SKQ300 chicken cutter machine export to Spain Views: 921    Nov 12 , 2021 21st, October, 2021, We delivery one set SKQ300 chicken cutter machine to Shenzhen, it will export to Barcelona, Spain, expected sailing time is 30th, October, 2021. As per client requirement,this machine mainly used for whole chicken cutter, sometims will meet some bone. Its capacity could reach 300-500kg/h, 220V,50HZ voltage, EN socket standards, final product cutting size 3*4cm and 4*5cm. To ensure better using life, we... Read More
How to Use Chicken Meat Cutter
How to Use Chicken Meat Cutter Views: 1341    Jul 02 , 2021 Chopping chicken by hand wastes a lot of time and labor, and is not conducive to large-scale business.In order to improve production efficiency, get high returans,we do long time study and design.Here suggest our SKQ-300 Automatic Chicken Cutter,stainless steel body, pure cooper motor, 380V,415V,110V customizable, broad-spectrum, cutting size uniform with... Read More
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