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Questions and Answers for Commercial Empanada Maker Machine

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Question 1: How many models of automatic empanada machine do you have?

Answer 1:LF-80, LF-180 and LF-200.

Question 2: What's the difference of LF-80, LF-180 and LF-200?

Answer 2:LF-80 is semi-automatic design, with smaller volume and capacity, 4800 pcs/hour. LF-180 and LF-200 is fully automatic design, capacity is 8000-12000 pcs/hour and10000-15000 pcs/hour. 

Question 3: 110V/415V can be accepted?

Answer 3:yes, we accept voltage, frequency, socket custom services.

Question 4: How to ship the empanada maker machine

Answer 4:packed in wooden case, LCL shipping by ocean.

Question 5: Can you share some dumpling photos produced by commercial empanada maker

Answer 5:Yes.

empanada making machine

Question 6: How about the warranty and parts available ?

Answer 6:12 months guarantee time of machine exclude wearing parts. We provide the parts in machine whole using life according to the preferential market price.

Question 7: When we take machine out of the box, how much part’s do we have to assemble?

Answer 7:Two parts: machine body and conveyor.

Question 8: Does your empanada making machine have 4 wheels to stand on once assembly is done?

Answer 8:Yes.

Question 9: How long is the production period of commercial empanada maker machine?

Answer 9:10 working days if order quantity not exceed 5 sets.

Question 10: Can you quote DDU price?

Answer 10:Yes, we could provide door to door service,establish  a long-term cooperative relationship with many freight forwarders.

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