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Is There a Machine for Dumplings?

Views: 767 Update date: Mar 04,2022

Dumpling is a kind of food whichpeople like to eat, dumplings taste good but it is very troublesome to wrap, so there is a requirement formachine on the market, that is, dumpling making machine. Dumpling machine also known as chinese dumpling maker, electric dumpling maker.

Feed the dough and filling into designated inlet, run the machine can produce finished dumplings, production speed is fast, high finished products ratio, save time, widely used in dumpling processing industry, can replace manual dumpling machine maker, improve work efficiency.

How many type small dumpling machines are there?

Small dumpling machine with beautiful shape andcompact structure, more suitable for family or restaurant use, small dumpling machine generally have two types:

1. Traditional Spiral Dough Feeding Small Dumpling Machine

This small dumpling machine forming principle is through spiral feeder to press dough into a dough tube, then put filling into dough tube. Finally, use mold to moulding.

2. Imitation Manual Dumpling Machine

Imitation manual dumpling machine uses the way that press dough into patch first, then fill the filling, with the help of mold to forming. This type imitation manual dumpling machine not only forming principle same with hand processing technology, and make the dumplingshape more close to hand knead dumpling.

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