Automatic Dumpling Samosa Making Machine
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Dumpling Samosa Making Machine

Automatic Dumpling Samosa Making Machine
Automatic Dumpling Samosa Making Machine

※ Multi-purpose, you can produce foods of different shapes and specifications by changing the mold.

※ The size of the product is uniform,thickness of the dough,amount of filling, and the speed of making dumplings can be adjusted at will.
※ It can be operated freely in 5 minutes, one or two people with no experience can operate.
※ The body is lightweight, occupies less space,easy to move.
※ The main parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, beautiful in appearance, in line with food hygiene standards.

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Product Details

Automatic Dumpling Samosa Making Machine

The Samosa Making Machine is controlled by a microcomputer. With the variable speed function, filling speed and the thickness of dumpling skin can be adjusted. It uses multiple pressure rollers to press the surface,sosurface pressure effect is excellent,dumpling skin surface is kingline, size and frequency of dumplings are uniform , pattern is orderliness, smooth taste.

The Samosa Maker Machine simulate the molding characteristics of pressing and packing of hand-made dumplings, and the principle of dual-control two-way quantitative feeding. No need to make dumpling wrappers during production. Just put the dough and fillings into the feeding port and start the automatic production to make dumplings.

Raw material: Flour, rice, filling.

Machine type:Fully Dumpling Maker Machine, Semi-automatic Dumpling Maker Machine


End Product: dumplings, samosa, spring rolls and wontons by changing the mould. The stuffing of these finished products can be 100% meat, 100% vegetables or mixture of meat and vegetables.

dumpling samosa making machine

Application of Spring Rolls Making Machine

The end product can be boiled, steamed, fried and frozen. It can be used in hotels, restaurants, group restaurants, cake shops, coffee shops, bakeries, frozen food factories, snack food factories, etc.

dumpling maker

Feature of Dumpling Maker Machine 

※ The dough is pressed into a skin by multiple pressure rollers. Skin is thin, amount of water added is large (48%). The gluten is not damaged, skin is elastic, tasty and chewy comparable to handmade dumplings.
※ Waste skin can be recycled, there is no waste.
※  High efficiency, labor saving is more than 60%, equal to 8 to 12 workers making dumplings by hand, one - two people can operate the machine even if no working experience.
※  The machine is integrated with surface pressing, skin making, filling and molding, high degree of automation, compact structure, simple maintenance and cleaning of equipment.
※  The machine adopts double frequency control, easy to operate, stainless steel are used in contact with dough & filling and PU conveyor belt , which meet requirements of food hygiene.

※ This machine can produce mini dumpling 6-8g, 12-14g, 15-16g, 18-20g until 40-45g canton swallow dumpling. This machine is fast, time and labor saving.

※ Multi-purpose, as long as change the mold can produce pastry food with different shapes and specifications. Such as spring rolls, wonton, hot pot dumplings, pearl dumplings, curry horn, samosa, lace dumplings, pot dumplings and so on.

chinese dumpling making machine

Structure of Dumpling Making Machine 

samosa maker machine


dumpling making machine

Mould Display 

dumpling machine

Dumpling Samosa Sample Display 

spring roll making machine

Product Details Show

dumpling machine dumpling maker

samosa maker machine

samosa making machine

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Package and Delivery 

spring rolls machine

samosa making machine

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