Commercial Eggbeater Egg Breaking Machine
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Commercial Eggbeater Egg Breaking Machine
Commercial Eggbeater Egg Breaking Machine

※ 304 stainless steel produced, anti-corrosion and alkali resistant, strong performance.

※ Simple to operate, easy to maintain.

※ High production efficiency, greatly reduces labor intensity, and reduces labor costs. 

※ Fine workmanship, easy cleaning and high equipment output.


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Product Details

Commercial Eggbeater Egg Breaking Machine

Product Description

Egg breaking machine are used for processing eggs. During the processing, cleaned eggs are put into inlet, egg liquid flows out from outlet below the egg breaking machine, eggshells are ejected from outlet. The ejected eggshells are crushed small granules, easy for collecting and transporting.

Eggshell Separator functions:

1. The remaining egg liquid in eggshell after beating can be separated.

2. It can automatically break whole eggs and automatically separate egg shells and egg liquid.

Obtaining egg liquid rate: 97%-99% of the whole egg liquid.

egg shelling machine

Scope of Application

Dried eggs, biscuits, bread, egg rolls, cookies, ham sausages, meatballs, buns, egg yolk pies, moon cakes, cake room, bakery, beverage shop, casual fast food, western restaurant, tea restaurant, snack food factory, etc.

Feature of Egg Breaking Machine

※ Egg shelling machine has a large output, can process 5,000-12,000 pcs fresh eggs per hour. It is small in size, occupies a small area, and requires less investment in capital construction.
※ Compared with BK type eggbeater with same output, this machine is cheaper. It adopts a special centrifugal structure design, materials are all made of 304 stainless steel. The humanized design is easy to disassemble and clean.
※ The screen of egg breaker adopts slotted screen structure, which has higher mechanical strength than flat screen, not easy to be damaged and blocked. It has better filtration effect to egg liquid and without granular impurities.
※ Eggshells are automatically lifted up by vertical screw and discharged through eggshell discharge port. Using this method, only 1-3% of egg liquid remains in the eggshell, which greatly improves egg liquid collection rate. At the same time, because the eggshell is crushed, volume is reduced, reduced emissions are achieved.

※ Eggshell separator is simple to operate, easy to maintain, high production efficiency, greatly reduces labor intensity and labor costs.

commercial egg breaking machine

Product Structure 
egg breaker

Working Principle 

Eggshell separator separates the remaining egg liquid from egg shells after cracked. At the same time, broken egg shells are reduced in size and discharged. By centrifugation, egg shell and egg liquid are automatically separated.

Technical Parameters

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