Vegetable & Fruit Processing Machine

Vegetable & Fruit Processing Machine

Onion Garlic Apple Crush Juice Making Extractor Machine

※ SS304 food grade.

※ Automatic separation of water slag, one-button start.

※ With crushing function, no need cutting.

※ High juice yield and pressing force

※ Juice extraction, dehydration, filter and squeeze, one machine for multiple purposes.


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Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Machine

※ Direct plug-in use, 220V household electricity is convenient and fast.

※ High peeling rate, labor saving, stable peeling rate.

※ High efficiency, 600-800 pieces per hour.

※ Imitation of manual peeling, to achieve effect of manual peeling.

※ When peeling, it cancutting and core remove, which is more efficient and saves manpower.


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SXP1 Pineapple Mango Peeling Machine

※ Small size, low energy consumption, easy operation and shorter peeling process.

※ Whole machine is made by stainless steel, anti-rust and durable.

※ Peeling speed is fast, up to 250 pcs/h.

※ Automatic cycle peeling, the peeling rate is >95%.

※ Special design of the peeling blade holder, can make the melon skin directional discharge, which is

convenient for collection and cleaning.

FOBQINGDAO price: USD2600-USD3100/Set

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Stainless Steel Small Dry Garlic Peeler Machine

1. The machine structure is simple, 200W pure copper motor.

2. Durable, fast speed,low failure and low maintenance.

3. Small size, weighing about 8.5 kilograms.

4. 110V/220V as option.

5. Using the food grade stainless steel.

FOBQINGDAO price: USD75-USD140/Set

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Stainless Steel Electric Potato Peeling Machine/Potato Peeler

1) machine structure compact, easy to operate.

2) made of stainless steel, durable and hygienic.

3) higherthreshing rate, lower breakage, clean, health.

4) save time.& water. After cleaning and peeling, there will be no cracks and broken phenomenon.

5) the motor is inside, won’t be damaged by water. Also the power switch is waterproof.

FOBQINGDAO price: USD750-USD890/Set

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Multifunctional Electric Vegetable Slicer Machine

1) SUS 304 construction, meet the highest hygiene standards.

2) Multiple usage, fully automatic systerm.

3) Large capacity & easy operation.

4) Protection device and safety switch


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Stainless Steel Brush Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine

※High quality food-grade stainless steel material, longer service life. 

※All the operation is integrated in the buttons, easy to control and continuous handing. 

※The brush and roller is high wear-resisting. 

※Low consumption and high efficiency 

※Can be used for washing or washing & peeling. 

※Low broke rate with smooth surface after been peeled. 

※Water saving.

FOB QINGDAO price: USD2700-USD8500/Set

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Industrial Carrot Beetroot Pineapple Watermelon Juicer Machine

※ SUS304 meet the processing needs of the food industry.

※ High juice yield and good juice extraction effect.

※ Wide range of juice extraction.

※ Environmental protection, energy saving, low noise.

※ Compact structure, using conical extruder screw, large production capacity.


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Automtic Fruit Sizer Apple Grading Machine

※ SS201/Q235 as option.

※ Simple compact and firm structure, beautiful appearance.

※ 380V, 50HZ, 1.5KW.

※ High sorting efficiency, simple operation and less power consumption.

※ Drum diameter specifications can be customized according to actual size of the required fruit.


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Commercial Double Head Vegetable Cutting Machine

※ Stainless steel machine body, not easy to rustIn line with national food grade standards.

※ Equipped with universal wheels, it is more convenient to move, sturdy and durable, stylish and beautiful.

※ Intelligent regulationOperation interface is simple and clearEasy to use, stable operation.

※ Equipped with multiple cutterheads.


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As the main part of the fruit production line, fruit and vegetable washing machine is widely used in all kinds of fruit cleaning. 

The fruit and vegetable pesticide residues can be eliminated by the fruit cleaning machine. The washing ingredients in the machine can effectively rinse the raw materials.
Fruit cleaning machines can be used to disinfect fruits and vegetables. Some fruit cleaners are equipped with a UV bactericidal system that can kill most common bacteria and prevent them from causing stomach trouble.The fruit washing machine can remove the impurities on the fruit. Every fruit product is contaminated by impurities such as dust and dirt when picked. Water spray and brushes can effectively eliminate impurities.

With the improvement of people's living standard, we pay more attention to health and hygiene. Fruit washing machines play an important role in industrial production, ensuring that fruits and vegetables are not contaminated. Therefore, it is important to choose fruit cleaning machine with good performance and durability.


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