Onion Garlic Apple Crush Juice Making Extractor Machine
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Juice Making Machine

Onion Garlic Apple Crush Juice Making Extractor Machine
Onion Garlic Apple Crush Juice Making Extractor Machine

※ SS304 food grade.

※ Automatic separation of water slag, one-button start.

※ With crushing function, no need cutting.

※ High juice yield and pressing force

※ Juice extraction, dehydration, filter and squeeze, one machine for multiple purposes.


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Product Details

Onion Garlic Apple Crush Juice Making Extractor Machine

Product Description of Juice Making Machine

Stainless steel fruit vegetable crusher juicer machine is suitable for pulping and separating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable. You can make orange pulp, grape, kiwi, mulberry, bayberry, peach (pitted), etc. into a sauce and separate cores, seeds and peels. It can also blend green vegetable (cutted), tomato, pepper, celery (cutted), etc. into vegetable juice and separate the vegetable tendons. It is an ideal machine for making jam, fruit juice, vegetable juice and fruit wine, is an important equipment for food processing enterprises.

The fruit juice extractor machine produced by our company is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which has a higher juice yield. It can also extract juice from fibrous substances such as ginger and pineapple. We provide two types: integrated fruit crusher juicer machine and screw juicer machine. The specifications and output can be customized from 0.5-5 tons. Welcome to inquiry or call us for customization.

apple juicer machine

Purpose and Scope of Garlic Juicer

Used for squeezing pineapple, apple, pear and other fruits;

Used for squeezing mulberries, grapes, mandarins, oranges and other berries;

Used for squeezing tomatoes, ginger, garlic, celery and other vegetables;

Fully automatically completes the juicing and discharging process of berries, pome fruits and vegetables.

Feature of Fruit Juice Extractor Machine

 Large squeezing force, quick juice.

※ The whole machine is 304 stainless steel, long service life.

※ Composed of crusher and screw juicer.

 Equipment with juice container.

 Separation of juice and residue, no blockage.

 High-power dual motors.

 Support non-standard customization, free technical guidance and program design. 

 One machine with multiple functions, used for squeezing pineapples, apples, pears, mulberries, grapes, oranges and other fruits and vegetables.

fruit juice making machine

Working Principle of Onion Juicer

1. This equipment consists of crusher and screw juicer. The crusher is installed on the feed inlet of juicer. The crushed materials fall directly into juicer for juice extraction.

2. Fruit crusher machine consists of cylinder, flying knife rotor, bottom knife, motor and pulley. Flying knife rotor rotates at high speed in gap between the bottom knife; under the combined action of two, material is broken and enters juicer for juice extraction. When working, motor drives main shaft to rotate at a constant speed through a pair of pulleys. The material is chopped by high-speed rotating hammer. Due to centrifugal force, material comes out of the waist-shaped hole screen, so that fruits and vegetables can reach a particle size 2-5 mm and then directly into spiral juicing system to improve juicing ratio.

3. The juicer consists of front support base, feeding hopper, spiral, filter screen, juice container, back support baseslag discharge chute and other parts. Main component of spiral juicer is the spiral. The bottom diameter of spiral gradually increases along direction of slag outlet and the pitch gradually decreases. When the material is pushed by spiral, volume of spiral cavity shrinks, causing the material to be squeezed.

4. Raw materials are added to feeding hopper and are pressed by the advancement of the screw. The squeezed juice flows into juice container at the bottom through filter screen, while the waste discharge through annular gap formed by screw and pressure-regulating conical part. The movement of pressure regulating head along axial direction can adjust gap size. Changing size of the gap means adjusting resistance of slag discharge.

fruit juice making machine

Technical Parameter of Apple Sorter Machine 

onion juicer

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onion juicer

fruit juice extractor machine

fruit juice extractor machine

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