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Is There a Machine that Makes Chapati?

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Yes,after years of research, our company developed Chapati Making Machine.It can replace manual cake rolling, greatly saving manpower, high output, up to 400-500pcs per hour. Can press different thickness of cake, widely used. Such as roast duck cake, gravy meat roll, single cake, spicy string roll,burritos, lotus leaf cake, egg cake, water baked bun, baked bun, spring roll, thousand layer cake, pancake and so on. The machine adopts automatic temperature control system and time system, can be set at any time according to need of heating temperature and heating time, automatically complete pressingwork within0-99 seconds.

chapati making machine price

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Maybe you will ask is it complex to operate?No,it is very simple,Even if without any work experience, you can quickly learn to use it.

How to use chapati pressing machine?

1. Connect the air pump and adjust to appropriate pressure.

2. Set the heating time. Dough gram weight and mold size are related to heating time.

3. Turn on power switch for heating. Work can be carried out when setting working temperature be reached .

4. Place the dough on mold.

5. Press the mold start switch, upper mold press down, automatic pressure and bake cake. Wait for a few seconds, the heating time is completed, upper mold will automatically rise and reset.

6. Remove the pastry and place next piece of dough.

What is the automatic chapati making machine price?

FOBQINGDAO USD$800-2500 per set.Contact us for official quotation.

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