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Precautions for Use Dumpling Skin Maker Machine

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Comply with the following ten points, in order to make better dumpling skin:

1. shell of lumpia wrapper machine must be grounded, do not touch live electrical components;

2. Before starting the machine, adjust speed regulating knob to a low position counterclockwise, adjust clockwise slowly to rise speed,cannot increase speed fastly;

3. Add doughintohopper continuously, do not appear intermittent, otherwise it will affect the forming of dumpling skin;

4. In the process of operation, remember not to put hands under the pressure roller to prevent danger;

5. Flour box to keep enough dry flour, otherwise there will be dumpling skin adhesion;

6. In the process of use, if machine occur failure or accident, timely press emergency stop button;

7. When leaving the dumpling skin maker machine, cut off power beforethat;

8. After use, the residualdough slag inhopper or other places should be removed in time;

9. Dumpling dough maker occur failure,do not disassemble to repair privately,should ask repairman to repair;

10. Not use for a long time, dumpling dough machine should be treated with rust prevention and placed in a dry and ventilated place.

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