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How to Use Dumpling Wrapper Making Machine

Views: 1491 Update date: Aug 30,2022
Imitation manual automatic dumpling wrapper machine operation steps:
1. Check the power switch and turn on start switch before use.
2. Adjust output speed of dumpling skin (clockwise is fast, counterclockwise is slow).
3. Put the dough into hopper (ratio of flour and water: 500g flour add 200-250g water).
4. Put dry flour into dry flour box.

The gap between precision roll and smooth roll of the lumpia wrapper maker machine is related to the thickness of the dough, which can be adjusted according to local needs. This machine is driven by chains and sprockets, transmission part is a gearbox structure, which is durable. It is equipped with a full-automatic skin-returning device, reduces labor intensity and increases efficiency. Application of the spring roll wrapper maker replaces traditional laborious work of hand rolling, and improves efficiency of dumpling skins production.

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