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Nigeria work site of vegetable washing machine

Views: 388 Update date: Sep 19,2019

In June of 2019 year, we export 1 set vegetable washing machine to Nigeria with capacity 1t/h.

This machine used to remove the dust and clean the dates, we have get the second order from client after well operation.

Vegetable washing machine is suitable for washing or peeling walnut, carrot, turnip, potato, onion, apple, orange, Chinese yam, ginger, horseradish other root vegetables and fruits. It is widely used in those kitchen of school, restaurant, big factory, food processing factory etc. Except washing also have excellent performance in peeling, the ratio is up to 95%. 

We are source factory ofvegetable washing machine, own more than 8 years industry experiences. Except vegetable washing machine, still provide potato peeling machine,garlic peeling machine, commercial chocolate tempering machine etc.

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