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Vegetable Washing Machine: The Best Method to Wash Vegetables

Views: 1252 Update date: Mar 01,2018
What is the best way to wash vegetables or grains? How to remove all contaminants to food within the food industry? What is the best method to remove contaminants from vegetables? Within the food industry, high standards of health are required, since the foodstuffs that are put on sale must be completely clean and free of contaminants. That is why when preparing vegetables, grains or legumes and others, it is necessary to carry out an efficient process that also does not involve more time spent to obtain better results. One of the best methods to wash vegetables or grains within the food industry is using a large capacity container where the items to be washed can be moved to be washed and rinsed. With this form of washing, food can move to get rid of factors such as soil, insects or other.

Next we present vegetable washing machine, the cylinder type washing machines for vegetables. Wash vegetables, grains and seeds by applying jets of clean and re-circulated water inside a perforated or rod cylinder. The model cylinder vegetable washing machine continuously washes vegetables such as chili, potato and carrot, as well as grains and seeds such as beans, lentils and rice, by first applying jets of re-circulated water and then rinsing them with jets of clean water, At the same time they move inside a perforated rotary cylinder or rods, eliminating waste such as dirt, garbage, fertilizer, insects and pesticides adhered to the product.

Stainless Steel Brush Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine

LOFTY MACHINERY develop machinery solutions for the food industry, from custom made equipment to complete process lines for canning, fresh packaging, freezing and dehydration. We have the highest technology to design and manufacture vegetable washing machine according to your automation needs, production capacity, type of packaging, available space and budget. We offer installation, start-up, training and maintenance services on site.

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