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Quote of Commercial Electric Dough Mixer Machine

Views: 594 Update date: Feb 03,2020
In January 2020, we got quote of Dough Mixer Machine from client, below is the details:

Product: Commercial Electric Dough Mixer Machine/Dough Kneading Machine
Quote: Hello, We are dumplings manufacture, we looking to mixer which we can use to mix meet and dough, could you please reach me how much it will cost me your mixer and can I mix both meet and dough? Best regards.

FOBQINGDAO price: USD700-USD4900/Set

Pls contact us for accurate price.

Commercial Electric Dough Mixer Machine/Dough Kneading Machine is main equipment of pasta processing, it is mainly used for wheat flour and water by 1:038-0.45 proportion to make the dough according to user's process requirements(sometimes add cooking oil, sugar and other food or food additives).

Scope of Application

This series of commercial electric dough mixer machine/dough kneading machine are applied to Inns, restaurants and food-processing plants, cakes and candy factory, hotels and passenger yachts producing snack cakes, fillings, but also for the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors modulation sticky resin paint, mixed raw materials and other reagents.

dough mixer

Commercial Electric Dough Mixer Machine/Dough Kneading Machine

1) Made of choice material with exquisite workmanship, the gears can be mounted steadily.

2) Compact structure, steady driving, easy operation

3) Substitute manual operation, reduce labor intensity.

4) Provide different choice,meet the user's dietary hygiene requirements.

*flour bucket adopt stainless steel,shell and coverstoving varnish

*whole machine adopt stainless steel

5) Solid and firm, motor gear be covered protection, life expectancy is more than 8 years.

6) Stir bar is strong,radian is beautiful and uniform mixing.

Structure Feature of Commercial Electric Dough Mixer Machine/Dough Kneading Machine

The series dough mixer mainly consist of frame, flour bucket and electrical control.The driving part adopts belt pulley and sprocket wheel to drive, with high efficiency, low noise and longer life.The motor built-in,compact and well sealed. Electric controler make up by touch button, integrated circuit board, ac contactor, etc.The operation panel buttons controls the start, stop and inching reversal of the motor, Operation buttons adopt low voltage safety voltage, which is safe and convenient.The electrical components are installed in closed electrical boxes with high waterproofing performance.

 lofty dough mixer


 lofty dough kneading machine

Working Principle of Commercial Electric Dough Mixer Machine/Dough Kneading Machine

The power provided by motor transmitt via the secondary belt drive and primary chain drive, after transmission mechanism deceleration and Increase torque, drive agitator rotary, through cooperate of mixer and bucket to mix flour, water and other accessories.Under agitation function of the agitator, flour and water first form to small pellets, which then bond to each other and gradually form to some large chunks.As the agitator is used to shear, fold, extend, stretch and knead etc in a series of functions, it will eventually be made into an ideal dough with flexibility, toughness and extension.

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*Welcome factory visiting and sample testing.
*Make appropriate design as per special requirements
*Finsh production on time.
*Ensure products quality.
*Guarantee time for one year.
*Install and train operators on-site.

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