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Two Sets Sweet Corn Sheller Export to USA

Views: 942 Update date: Apr 28,2021

In April,2021 we export two sets Sweet Corn Sheller to USA.The machine customized 110V,60HZ,3 hole socket,2.2KW motor,full machine SS304,400-600kg/h handing capacity.

YZTYM series Fresh Corn Sheller Machine is our featured products.It is innovation of the old manual processing mode, adopt motor drive to carry out automatic, mechanized processing, greatly save labor costs and processing time, very popular in Europe and the United States.


sweet corn thresher
sweet corn sheller


YZTYM-268 without conveyor

YZTYM-368 with conveyor


220V 2.2KW

220V 2.2KW










Sweet Corn Thresher Application

It is used for threshed the grain form all kinds of fresh, sweet and sticky corn, also suitable for the freezing and defreezing corn.It is suitbale for factory assembly line with mass production, also adapt to family workshop processing.,food processing industry, canned corn manufacturers and corn beverage manufacturers.

corn sheller machine

Feature of Fresh Corn Thresher

A.Design reasonable: Total machine adopts stainless steel manufacturing, easy to move, easy to operate. It is suitable for all kinds of fresh corn.

B.Strong adaptability: not only suitable for the factory assembly line with mass production, but also adapt to the family workshop processing.

C.High efficiency: The machine can automatic adjustment according to cob size, suitable for all kinds of different size corn, it can adjust threshing depth, sweet corn stripping net rate can be 100%.

D.Cutting tools long service life: use special stainless steel materials manufacturing, processing,no need long-term sharpen knife.

E.Save labour cost and processing time.

corn sheller machine

What is Spare Parts of Commercial Corn Sheller?

Sweet corn sheller machine spare parts include:cutting tool,button,silica gel wheel,belts and bearing etc.Here list some for reference.Under normal circumstances, the service life of wearing parts is 8-12 months, according to different using time and strength, the service life will be appropriately extended or shortened.If you need the spare parts with machine together,pls contact us to know price.

spare parts of corn sheller

corn sheller




Contact: Erie Li


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