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Vegetable slicer machine helps us out of peeling

Views: 518 Update date: Apr 20,2018
We all would like to eat fruits but thinking about the work that requires peeling we have decided to eat something else, whether by simple laziness or lack of time, peeling vegetables or is measured one of the most despised tasks inside the kitchen. Fortunately, someone heard our prayers and had the great idea of creating a vegetable slicer machine designed exclusively to peel fruits and vegetables in a fast, simple and without the need to get our hands dirty. This is how “vegetable slicer machine ” was born.

It is a company which emerged thanks to the concern and ingenuity of inventor who one day realized that the task of peeling fruit was very cumbersome, and was not It’s possible that with such technology there was not a machine that did that dirty work. Thanks to vegetable slicer machine, a family business that owns a large number of machines to peel fruits and vegetables, break peels of almonds, nuts or hazelnuts, and even to shed legumes with pods. We can finally forget the odious task of peeling fruits and vegetables.
Stainless Steel Electric Potato Peeling Machine/Potato Peeler
Its magic is in the design that allows us to place the unpeeled fruit or vegetable on a base that rotates it, while at the same time an arm with a built-in blade travel all the outline of the fruit vertically, thus removing the skin. This machine serves both potatoes, oranges, tomatoes, pears, kiwis and many other fruits and vegetables, and thanks to this device is how it has several options in its catalogue, which are aimed at various sectors such as hospitality, professional and domestic.

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