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How Does Potato Peeling Machine Work ?

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Potato peeling machine is made with the stainless steel and also highly hygienic to peel the potato so it will be more comfortable to make use of the machine in a fine manner. The potato peeling machine has higher threshing rate and lower level breakage for long time usage. It required very less time to clean and it is healthier to make use of such products with no risk of it. On using this machines lets to save the time and water.

The Potato Peeling Machine combines simplicity of use for the operator with good reliability. The operator has at his disposal a display panel with rotating assembly in which he has all the important functions. It also shows important information such as capacity, the number of peeled potatoes, working hours and the identification of any operational problems. A chain of individualization transports the potatoes from the feed hopper and places them on the crossbars of the transport chain.

Advantage of Potato Peeling Machine:  

* Dry peeling 

* Perfect quality of peeling 

* Low noise level 

* High use (little waste) 

* Hygienic design (easy to clean and disinfect).

The operator arranges the potatoes in the correct horizontal position. The rotating blades cut the head and tail portions of the potatoes while the cutting arms make a horizontal incision around the potatoes.

At the end of the transport section, the potatoes are picked up by a double arm system with rotating supports. The arm is mounted on a rotating structure. During the turning movement, the potato rotates on its own axis and in doing so; a cut is made over its entire circumference. The depth of cut is equally adjustable. During cutting, air is projected onto the potato to remove the skin.

There are several adjustments available to adapt the potato peeling machine of different diameter. Most can be done from the outside, even with the machine in operation, by means of a hand wheel. The technique used in the potato peeling machine is responsible for keeping the energy consumption low while achieving a higher peeling quality. On completing it’s peeling, and then potatoes never get cracks and broken phenomenon. It is suitable for the restaurant, schools big factories. It requires very low power and also provides special support for the customer.

Electric Potato Peeling Machine

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