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Characteristics of Vegetable Washing Machine

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Developed with the highest technology produces a constant flow of ozone, which can be used at home to prevent the growth of bacteria and provide a cleaner air in the house. It also eliminates pesticides and other infections found in fruits and vegetables, disintegrates and contaminants in meat and seafood.

With the functions of sterilization, detoxification, whitening, decontamination, antiseptic and refreshing, can help us eliminate unpleasant odors, strengthen our body and improve our health and quality of life. It is an essential tool to improve the quality of life of modern families and the conditions of our work.

One of the best methods to wash vegetables or grains within the food industry is using a large capacity container where the items to be washed can be moved to be washed and rinsed. With this form of washing, food can move to get rid of factors such as soil, insects or other.

Within the food industry, high standards of health are required, since the foodstuffs that are put on sale must be completely clean and free of contaminants. That is why when preparing vegetables, grains or legumes and others, it is necessary to carry out an efficient washing process that also does not involve more time spent to obtain better results. This can be done by vegetable washing machine.

commercial vegetable washing machine

Characteristics of Vegetable Washing Machine:
◆ Vegetable bubble cleaning: pepper, vegetables, ginger and so on;
◆ Fruit bubble cleaning: apples, pears, plums, plums and so on;
◆ Herbal bubble-cleaning: Campanulaceae, Asarum, Gastrodia, ginseng planting, roots, stems;
◆ Preserves candied fruit bubble cleaning machine: grapes, hawthorn, red dates, green plum, sand fruit, strawberries, etc;
◆ Air Bubble/Spraying industrial vegetable washing machine is made of stainless steel, removing very clean and no damage to the material;
◆ The vegetable and fruit in the water channel is scattered, rolled, cleaned and delivered under high pressure water and powerful bubble. The sand will fall to Isolation warehouse on the bottom and do not cause pollution again;
◆ Very popular among the market, offering durable performance, ensure safe operation and low power consumption,available in various working specifications.

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