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Why You Need Vegetable Washing Machine?

Views: 1678 Update date: Jan 22,2018
As it is generally said “We are what we eat” and accept it or not, in the current scenario, we are inadvertently eating Vegetables and Fruits which are more contaminated with the different type of Dangerous Chemicals, Plenty of unknown Pathogens and Artificial Waxes. It is difficult to digest but true to know that the vegetables and fruits we consume today have the abundance of Herbicides, Pesticides, Weedicides, Artificial Oil, Waxing, and Fungicides, as well as lot many harmful pathogens which are caused during negligent transportation and manhandling of the eatables. Therefore, you need Vegetable Washing Machine to protect the vegetables and fruits.

The vegetable and fruit washing machine is made of food grade stainless steel by our organization. It is available in various sizes, our range can be customized as per the specifications detailed by our clients. Water is sprayed on the raw material throughout the length of the drum.

Stainless Steel Brush Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine

Features of Vegetable Washing Machine:

1. Easy and effective deep cleaning: The vegetable washing machine uses ultrasonic waves to remove 98.9% of agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetables easily and effectively. Ultrasonic Agitation uses the small air bubble suction process to scrub 99.99% of agricultural dust, chemicals, grime, and dirt from vegetables and fruits.

2. Remove odor: The material of the container itself contains negative ions, which help remove unpleasant chlorine, odors, and other chemicals. Ozone eliminates the chemicals, odor and effectively removes various pathogens including dangerous viruses and bacteria from the outer surface of the veggies and fruits.

3. Quiet operation or easy installation: using a silent vibration it can operate with no splashing over the rim. The unit on the counter top is fixed directly in the kitchen sink.

4. Economical: The individual construction and design of the machine are what permits us to boast of not only entirely safe equipment, but also the most technically advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems in the world. The dual action of Ultrasonic Ozone agitation and cleaning ensures that the cleaning of veggies and fruits is fast, hassle-free and effective.



*Welcome factory visiting and sample testing.
*Make appropriate design as per special requirements
*Finsh production on time.
*Ensure products quality.
*Guarantee time for one year.
*Install and train operators on-site.

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