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Working Principle of Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine

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In today’s world, fruits and vegetable that we use contain lots of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals even more than the limited levels. Because of that, the rates of suffering from deadly diseases and other illness might become higher for today’s generation people. This reason plays as the main role why should people use good devices in order to remove such deadly chemicals from fruits and vegetable that people consume in their daily routine.
Do you really think that fruits and vegetables that we use contain no harmful chemicals? If yes, you are still in your olden days. In this ever-changing world, no products are grown and developed without the use of additional chemicals to make the products grow faster. That is why, before using any fruits or vegetables, do consider cleaning it with the help of commercial vegetable washing machine. Moreover, nowadays, food safety problems happening often times such as poison beans or milk powder incident, or heavy metals in instant noodles and much more. These things becoming more and more serious for the human beings while affecting everyone’s health. When it comes to fruit and vegetable cleaning, sure you should make use of the good instruments in order to avoid this deadly issue.

Working Principle of Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine

Pouring product intobrush vegetable washing machine, the brush roller rolling and turnning round the products, the product is srubbed by brush constantly,at the same time spray tube squirts water to clean the products, thus achieve the purpose of washing or washing & peeling.The brush is designed to two forms:foreward and reverse.After cleaning, it can use the rotation of brush to discharge the product.

Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine is suitable for washing or peeling walnut, carrot, turnip, potato, onion, apple, orange, Chinese yam, ginger, horseradish other root vegetables and fruits. It is widely used in those kitchen of school, restaurant, big factory, food processing factory etc.Except washing also have excellent performance in peeling, the ratio is up to 95%. 

Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine

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