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Garlic peeling machine: suitable for seasoning processing factory

Views: 1255 Update date: Jul 19,2018
If you are going to buy the best quality and latest garlic peeling machine, you will gain a gamut of added benefits. Lofty Machinery is a one stop reliable garlic peeling machine manufacturers bringing to you high quality garlic peeling machines that are easy to use and come with a gamut of added features. 

The galic peeling machine is popular in China and Southeast Asia as well as in different parts of the world. This machine has numerous focal points like enhanced usefulness, it has the store tank with drying channel and peeling chamber right off the bat drying process is done then the film expulsion happens. The peeled off garlic knob gathered in a tube and for rest, the procedure proceeds. The machine is able for the productive peeling mass amount of garlic in the blink of an eye, consequently, diminishing work cost. The cyclone peels off skin of garlic smoothly with low damage rate. They come with heating system inside the machine to make the surface of garlic skin to be dry enough even though in wet weather.  In addition to this, machines are suitable enough for vegetable processing factories and seasoning processing factories.

One of the main and interesting features of the machine is that it has functions of automatic peeling that is the ideal way to reduce the manual labor and timing. In addition to this, such machines are low malfunction rate and easy to be maintained and cleaned. Not to mention the garlic’s skin that can be easily peeled off in a natural way without damage to the closes, smooth surfaces and with non-pollution. Each and every model of such machines is well equipped with auto-temperature control and conveying material; while garlic could be stored for long time. 

Dry Type Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine

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