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Vegetable Washing Machine Classification

Views: 880 Update date: Sep 15,2020
Vegetable washing machine is a kind of machine for fruit and vegetable processing enterprises and the most widely used a cleaning equipment. Today, we allow users to have a better understanding of vegetable washing machine.

Currently on the market of vegetable washing machine generally have the following categories of methods:

1. According to the different varieties of cleaning are divided into: fruit and vegetable washing machine (jujube, apples, etc.) and vegetable washing machine (carrots, potatoes, etc.).
2. According to the use of different technologies are divided into: pasteurization line cleaning machine, ultrasonic vegetable washing machine and traditional washing machine.
3. The traditional vegetable washing machine in accordance with the cleaning method can be divided into different: drum cleaning machine, bubble cleaning machine, high pressure cleaner, vibration cleaning machine and brush cleaning machines.

vegetable washing machine

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