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Why You Need Vegetable Washing Machine?
Why You Need Vegetable Washing Machine? Views: 377    Jan 22 , 2018 As it is generally said “We are what we eat” and accept it or not, in the current scenario, we are inadvertently eating Vegetables and Fruits which are more contaminated with the different type of Dangerous Chemicals, Plenty of unknown Pathogens and Artificial Waxes. It is difficult to digest but true to know that the vegetables and fruits we consume today have the abundance of Herbicides, Pesticides, Weedicides, Artificial Oil, Waxing, and Fungicides, as well as lot... Read More
415V Meat Grinder be Delivered to Australia
415V Meat Grinder be Delivered to Australia Views: 380    Sep 07 , 2017 26th, September, 2017, Australiameat grinder finish shipment smoothly. Shipping quantity 1 set, port of discharge: ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA Machine Model: LF160 Capacity:1.5-2t/h Power: 415V, 60HZ, 15KW Material: 304SS Read More
How to Maintain the Frozen Meat Grinder Properly?
How to Maintain the Frozen Meat Grinder Properly? Views: 399    Sep 07 , 2017 The machine body no need to be maintained under normal condition, just do waterproof and protect power line. Daily maintenance of the grinding parts: after every time use, necessary to remove minced meat tee joint, screw, blade and orifice, sweep away the residue then assemble according to original order. The aim is to ensure the hygiene of machine and food, on the other hand can guarantee the flexible of grinding parts disassembling, convenient for... Read More
How Many Peeling Way be Used for Garlic?
How Many Peeling Way be Used for Garlic? Views: 469    Sep 07 , 2017 At present, there are three types peeling way: manual,wet type and dry type. The latter two types adopt machine to instead of manual. Wet peeling is generally used for garlic deep processing plants. Because of serious pollution, have be banned by some local governments, rare in the market. Dry garlic peeling machine with compressed air as power, through airflow injection produces powerful cyclonic eddy current to... Read More
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