LCD Home Use Vegetable Washer

Vegetable Washing Machine

LCD Home Use Vegetable Washer
LCD Home Use Vegetable Washer

※ LCD touch screen appearance

※ 96% pesticide removal

※ 90% heavy metals removal

※ 99% sterilization

※ Multi-Functional wall-mounted design

※ Bass work


Product Details

LCD 4L Wall-mounted Vegetable Washers Machine

How Does Our Ozone Vegetable Washers Work?

Our vegetable washers machiine adopts live oxygen technology, produce biochemical reaction with pesticide residues,bacteria,viruses at a certain concentration,destroy bacterial structure in a short time,make it lose vitality.

When high-energy live oxygen rises sharply,reaches a certain value, disinfection and sterilization can becompleted quickly.

What Can Our Ozone Vegetable Washing Machine Do?

vegetable washervegetable washer

A. Vegetable Washeing Machine remove dust and sediment on surface of fruits and vegetables,effectively degrade pesticide residues,degradation rate ≥96%.

B. Remove hormones from seafood and meat, remove kinds of heavy metals through oxidation reaction, removal rate ≥90%.

C. Live oxygen water to clean children's appliances, bathe pets, sterilization rate up to 99%.

D. Dispel various indoor odors, purify the air, directly decompose harmful substances such as PM2.5 formaldehyde without filtering.

E. Beauty skin care.

F. Tableware, toiletries, clothing sterilization.

Specification of Vegetable Washers

Fruit and Vegetable Ozone Washers Detailed Show

ozone washer

How about Our Vegetables Washing Machine Effect?

vegetable washer

vegeable washers

vegetable washer machine

vegetable fruit washer

vegetable washer

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