Top Quality Garlic Peeler Machine Separating Machine Produced in China
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Garlic Peeling Machine

Top Quality Garlic Peeler Machine Separating Machine Produced in China
Top Quality Garlic Peeler Machine Separating Machine Produced in China

(1) Dry peeling, no need water,without pollution to the environment.

(2)Peeling rate up to 95%.

(3)Damage rate is 5%.

(4)During the process of peeling, garlic size without limit system, remove large and small garlic cloves at one time.

FOBQINGDAO price: USD$450-USD$1400/Set

Pls contact us for accurate price.

Product Details


Our garlic peeler machine with air compressor as the production power, through the principle of electricity, gas to control feeding, peeling, discharging procedures,could achieve fully automation, continuous working, greatly reduce the intensity of human labor. Best-selling to Southeast Asia, South America,North Africa, Middle East etc international market.

garlic peeler machine

Feature of Garlic Peeler Machine

Compact structure and small footprint.

Stable performance, practical, safe, easy maintenance and simple operation.

Single phase 220V lighting voltage, 2.2kw air compressor assisted peeling, no need 380V voltage.

The garlic is peeled quickly after being applied for 30s,peeling rate is about 90%. The more dry garlic, the higher peeling rate. (Dried garlic or germinated garlic is usually resolved in 15s. Fresh or high moisturegarlicwith poor effect,please air dry before peeling).

Using Effects

garlic peeler

Working Principle of Garlic Peeler Machine

1.Using dry peeling principle of motor rotation mechanics

2. Combined with polyion composite peeling material

3. Equipped with an air compressor, the peeling rate can reach over 90%, broken rate is below 5%.

Note: The air compressor needs to be purchased by customer.

Structure of Garlic Peeler Machine

garlic peeling machine manufacturer

Technical Parameters

garlic peeler price

Shipping and Packing

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Our customer

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Q1: What is your machine guarantee?

A1: Normally the guarantee period is 1 year,and we will contact with our customers for after-sales service.

Q2: How can i get quotation?

A2: Send your requirements and leave your email,we will send quotation soon.

Q3: If we have problems when using your machine,what should we do?

A3: If you have any problem,just contact us,we will help you to solve it,and if necessary,we will arrange our engineers to help you in your country.

Q4: What is your delivery time?

A4: Usually we produce within 7-15 days after the payment confirmed.It is also depend on the machines,if need customize the machine as your requirements,the producing time is longer.

Q5: Which kind payment method you can accept?

A5: T/T,PayPal,Western Union.

garlic peeling machine

garlic machine

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*Welcome factory visiting and sample testing.
*Make appropriate design as per special requirements
*Finsh production on time.
*Ensure products quality.
*Guarantee time for one year.
*Install and train operators on-site.

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