LFP80 Papaya Pineapple Peeler Machine
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Pumpkin Melon Peeler Machine

LFP80 Papaya Pineapple Peeler Machine
LFP80 Papaya Pineapple Peeler Machine

※ Peeling surface is smooth and the thickness is adjustable.

※ Cutter group up and down cycle cutting, fast, greatly improve labor efficiency.

※ Peeling rate high than 95%.

※ Simple operation and convenient cleaning.

※ SS304/201 customized as per user's demand.

FOBQINGDAO price: USD2150-2500/Set

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Product Details

LFP80 Papaya Pineapple Peeler Machine

LFP80 single-head Papaya Peeling Machine, made of 201/304 stainless steel material, beautiful appearance and durable, peeling effect is good with smooth peeling surface, one-time operation, peeling rate reaches more than 95%. Peeling thickness is uniform and adjustable, save time andmanpower, less mechanical power, optimum energy utilization, simple operation, convenient cleaning. Suitable for factories, schools, dining halls, etc.

papaya peeler machine

Feature of Pineapple Peeling Machine 

※ Wide applicability for winter melon, Hami melon, pumpkin, watermelon, papaya, grapefruit, taro and other vegetable & fruits.
※ Work in a loop up and down, improve labor efficiency and product quality, reduce labor intensity.
※ Small power with less power consumption.

※ SS304/201 customized as per user's demand.

※ Vertical and single-headed design.

※ Peeling rate high than 95%.

Papaya Peeler Machine Structure Analyze

pineapple peeling machine

Pineapple Peeler Machine Technical Parameters




 3-6 pcs/min
Stainless steel
Overall size

Note: The peeling machine should be used together with air compressor,that should be prepared by customer.

pinapple peeler

Detailed Photos of Industrial Pineapple Peeler

industrial pineapple peeler

industrial pinapple peeler

pineapple peeler machine

papaya peeler machine

automatic pineapple peeling machine

pineapple peeling machine

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