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SKQ300 chicken cutting machine export to Spain
SKQ300 chicken cutting machine export to Spain Views: 58    Nov 12 , 2021 21st, October, 2021, We delivery one set SKQ300 chicken cutting machine to Shenzhen, it will export to Barcelona, Spain, expected sailing time is 30th, October, 2021. As per client requirement,this machine mainly used for whole chicken and pork face meat, sometims will meet some bone. Its capacity could reach 300-500kg/h, 220V,50HZ voltage, EN socket standards, final product cutting size 3*4cm and 4*5cm. To ensure better using life, we... Read More
How to use chicken cutting machine
How to use chicken cutting machine Views: 176    Jul 02 , 2021 Chopping chicken by hand wastes a lot of time and labor, and is not conducive to large-scale business.In order to improve production efficiency, get high returans,we do long time study and design.Here suggest our SKQ-300 fully automatic chicken cutting machine,stainless steel body, pure cooper motor, 380V,415V,110V customizable, broad-spectrum, cutting size uniform with... Read More
What is best machine to cut chicken?
What is best machine to cut chicken? Views: 257    Apr 29 , 2021 Hand cutting of chicken is the most traditional way of chicken processing, which consumes a lot of manpower. Due to the limitation of operator level, it cannot meet the requirements of commercial development with large output. After that, the bone-sawing machine came into being, as an example of a semi-automated machine, it could handle ribs, chicken, beef, duck, etc, especially suitable for cutting all kinds of ribs, greatly save labor,... Read More
Two Sets Sweet Corn Sheller Export to USA
Two Sets Sweet Corn Sheller Export to USA Views: 266    Apr 28 , 2021 In April,2021 we export two sets Sweet Corn Sheller to USA.The machine customized 110V,60HZ,3 hole socket,2.2KW motor,full machine SS304,400-600kg/h handing capacity. YZTYM series Corn Sheller Machine is our featured products.It is innovation of the old manual processing mode, adopt motor drive to carry out automatic, mechanized processing, greatly save labor costs and processing time, very popular in Europe and the United States.... Read More
Vegetable Washing Machine Classification
Vegetable Washing Machine Classification Views: 377    Sep 15 , 2020 Vegetable washing machine is a kind of machine for fruit and vegetable processing enterprises and the most widely used a cleaning equipment. Today, we allow users to have a better understanding of vegetable washing machine. Currently on the market of vegetable washing machine generally have the following categories of methods: 1. According to the different varieties of cleaning are divided into: fruit and vegetable washing machine (jujube, apples, etc.) and... Read More
Choose A Suiable Vegetable Slicer Machine
Choose A Suiable Vegetable Slicer Machine Views: 445    Sep 09 , 2020 Choose a suitable vegetable slicer machine is a very important step when processing vegetables. How to choose a suitable vegetable? As the vegetable process machine supplier, the Multifunctional Electric Vegetable Slicer Machine will be your best choice. The Multifunctional Electric Vegetable Slicer Machine can cut lots of fruit and vegetable into slices, dices, diamond, filament, applies to: 1. fruit such as: apple, pear, banana etc. 2. tuber vegetable for example:... Read More
Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine for Sale
Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine for Sale Views: 445    Sep 04 , 2020 Automatic Garlic Peeling Machine should be equipped with an air compressor. Because of the strong air flow produced by air compressor, the cyclone peels off skin of  garlic smoothly, with low damage rate. Theres also a heating system inside the machine to make the surface of garlic skin to be dry enough even though in wet weather. Machine is popular in China and Southeast Asia, surrounding countries. Machine is suitable for vegetable processing factory, seasoning... Read More
Why Choose Bubble Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine?
Why Choose Bubble Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine? Views: 361    Aug 31 , 2020 Vegetable washing machine must first have a good wash first rate and low damage rate, the actual production of bubble intensity, the amount of washing and cleaning time is an important factor in the bubble washing vegetable machine cleaning effect of. In addition, water consumption and other technical problems have been trapped interference with vegetable washing machine designer and vegetable processing enterprises. Currently, leafy vegetable washing machine are mainly three... Read More
How do you find top garlic peeling machine manufacturers?
How do you find top garlic peeling machine manufacturers? Views: 383    Aug 18 , 2020 Are you looking for garlic peeling machine manufacturers to buy garlic peeling machine? Here today we will share top 10 garlic peeling machine manufacturers with you. 1. The dry type garlic peeling machine is working by pneumatic principle to ... Clients can buy garlic peeler machine at an affordable price range from our company. 2. Manufacturer of Garlic Peeling machine - Garlic Peeling Machine, Automatic Garlic Peeling... Read More
Use of Attention for Garlic Peeling Machine
Use of Attention for Garlic Peeling Machine Views: 482    Jun 30 , 2020 When user operate the garlic peeling machine, below points should be noted: 1. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there are sundries in the peeling barrel. 2. Make sure the machine cover is locked. 3. Place peeled garlic in a funnel, preferably dried garlic without pedicle. The rate of peeling is higher. 4. Before cleaning and disassembly, disconnect the power supply and stop the machine.... Read More
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